Home Insurance covers Roof Repairs

Roof damage. Will my Home Insurance pay for that?

Roof damage has been the conversation of this monsoon season in Arizona. The most common question is will my home insurance pay? The answer is yes, the roof damage will be paid for by home insurance. But most roof damage repairs are well below the deductible. Tile damage can be fixed at a fairly low…

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Ganyo Insurance Agency - Permanent Life Insurance in Buckeye, AZ

What is Permanent Life Insurance? Basic what you need to know.

Nearly 1/2 of Americans do no longer have any shape of life coverage. When you realize how essential a life coverage policy may be on your beneficiaries and cherished ones still ultimate, this appears low. A life coverage policy: Whole Life Insurance (known as Permanent Life Insurance) can usefully resource in paying off any ultimate…

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HO5 Insurance policy for Arizona home

HO3 vs HO5 Insurance Comparison for AZ homeowners. What is better?

Insurance is complicated, even the essential owner’s coverage. The good news is that insurance groups are operating to simplify things and provide greater comprehensive insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), robbery losses were the fourth most common loss kind in house owner’s insurance claims. If to purchase the typical HO3 house owners’ product,…

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Market value vs replacement cost

Market Value Vs Replacement Cost for Homes in Arizona

When trying to insure a multi-family property, a lot of people want to insure it at a price that they have paid for it. Nevertheless, it does not consider what is going to happen in the case of property loss which needed rebuilding at current value. What one has paid for a structure and what…

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Water backup insurance/water backup coverage in Arizona home insurance policy

3 Types of Water Damage in Home Insurance

Water Backup vs Overflow vs Flood It’s important to be familiar with 3 types of Water Damage and understand the difference: Water Backup vs Overflow vs Flood.  When you call to make a claim, make sure that you have Water Backup coverage in your home insurance policy or have a separate Flood Insurance. Average of…

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