Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance/D and O Insurance in Arizona

Directors and Officers Insurance/D and O Insurance in Arizona

Directors and Officers Insurance coverage is crucial for the protection of the officers and directors of associations and businesses.

What is D&O Insurance?

D and O insurance policies protect the primary entity from a loss due to direct or indirect input from a board member or director that causes loss to another represented party.

A homeowner’s liability policy does not cover all areas needed to protect the volunteer and offers none for a person acting as an employee.

Most people find it hard to know where one policy starts and another ends. While certain protections exist within their homeowners’ insurance plan, these provisions are not guaranteed to cover all costs and are not guaranteed. People should not count on these policies to cover them for any association board service roles. Also, the protections rarely cover all legal expenses and other costs from the average liability case. For these, you need Directors and Officers Insurance.

Corporate indemnification specifications are not guaranteed to protect all board members. This protection has limits on its abilities to settle claims. Not many potential board members would accept the position without the protection of a D and O insurance policy.

How to find the right coverage for Directors and Officers?

It is important to maintain a commitment to protecting directors and officers from financial and legal prosecution. This critical to attracting top talent and the most qualified people. When corporations or associations do not provide these protections,  board members should take steps to make sure this is in place for them.

You can control costs by working with an independent insurance agent that has a strong network of carriers. Let us be your agent, we have more than 30 insurance carriers to choose from. Call us for a free Directors and Officers Insurance quote and we find the best plans and policies for keeping you protected against both legitimate and frivolous claims. We can help you find cost-effective protections for your leadership role. Our agency and agents licensed by the Arizona Department of Insurance.