Roof damage. Will my Home Insurance pay for that?

Roof damage has been the conversation of this monsoon season in Arizona.
The most common question is will my home insurance pay?

The answer is yes, the roof damage will be paid for by home insurance. But most roof damage repairs are well below the deductible. Tile damage can be fixed at a fairly low cost, but trees are not covered from wind unless they are on one of your structures and going to cause additional damage unless removed. Most insurance companies in this case will only pay for the removal of the tree from the house to the ground so while you are getting bids be sure to let them know you want it to include free debris removal from the property. It is important that the invoice is worded properly to assure payment from an insurer.

Home Insurance covers Roof Repairs

Roof Damage Home Insurance can pay for that.

Most times, tiles are just misplaced and need to be reset. The ones that have fallen to the ground and broken can usually be replaced for free by Eagle Roofing Manufacturing (google the name). A local Phoenix company. They will replace up to 10 tiles for free and I have used them several times.

The next step is to find someone to place the tiles back. The trick is also to get someone that will not create more damage than you are trying to repair. Keep all people like me off the roof “ LOL “. Just a little too big not to crack a tile or two in the process.

The key of course is a quick response so as not to add water damage to the list of damage.

If you are wondering about the roof damage and do not have a good view of the damage I do have a drone that I can use to help you view if you want to have a closer inspection.

The Ganyo Insurance Agency is always here to help. Not just write insurance policies.

Local referrals:

Nextdoor search for roofers generated over 25 businesses here in the SW valley to help you. Fewer will do small repairs, however. Or you just call me and I will provide you with a list of local roof-repair businesses.

I hope this helps you all to finish out this first in a long time, heavy Arizona Monsoon Season. Summer 2022 is the heaviest rains in my 18 years here in Verrado, AZ but it is a water well needed. We should have an amazing spring in the mountains due to this. Lots of desert flora. Enjoy!

Lastly, as always lately, prices are going up and home insurance is no different. If you would like to check out our rates from one of the 30+ companies my Brokerage represents. We would be happy to be of service. In my experience, the industry tends to now penalize those who go longer than 3-5 years without re-shopping. They see us as asleep on this and take advantage. So don’t just assume you have the right price and company take 10 minutes you will be surprised at what it will bring you back on an annual basis.

Kind Regards

Greg Ganyo