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Arizona Insurance Agents who truly work for you.

We are not just independent Arizona Insurance Agents – we are family. We have been a family-owned insurance agency since inception, and we treat our clients and staff like family as well. Get to know us.

Greg Ganyo

Arizona Insurance Agent and The Owner of the Agency

Greg Ganyo - Arizona Independent Insurance Agent near me
Greg Ganyo is one of the Arizona Independent Insurance  Agents and the owner of the Ganyo Insurance Agency

Greg Ganyo is one of the Arizona Independent Insurance  Agents and the owner of the Ganyo Insurance Agency. He founded this insurance agency originally in Minnesota in 1984.  In Arizona, he started selling insurance 15 years ago directly after building one of the very first homes in the Verrado community. With 17 Presidents Council awards from 3 different insurance companies, he has ranked in the top ½ % of his peers for most of his career. His personal lines and business knowledge also has allowed him to make great choices for the clients he represents. Greg has put together over 30 companies to be sure all of his clients’ needs will be met.

He started as a teacher after finishing college and still uses those skills today to make sure his clients understand the purchases they make.

Greg Won State as a Highschool wrestler went on to wrestle 4 years in college and even trained for the 1984 Olympics. He took up golf when no one would come over to wrestle anymore and today that is his favorite pastime.

Business and helping people is his passion as well as projects around the house. Teaching and mentoring are still a big part of his life as he has helped many an insurance agent improve in processes and systems.

He operates under 2 rules:

  1. The Grandma rule, which means: if it’s not good enough for my Grandma it’s not good enough for my client.
  2. I can’t always tell you what you want to hear, but it will always be a straight forward honest answer.

Araceli Gonzalez

Araceli is the one of our Arizona insurance agents in Ganyo Insurance Agency in Buckeye

Araceli Gonzalez originally from Orange County California. Her family moved to Arizona to become a homeowner and became a stay home mom for 10 years while her children were small.

She’s always been in the Finance Industry, she’s enjoyed payroll, bookkeeping and now Insurance. Araceli is a Licensed insurance agent that offers a wide variety of insurance needs like Home, ATV, Auto, Life, and Umbrella. She enjoys helping her friends get more coverage at the same or better premiums and educating her friends, family, and customers.

When Araceli isn’t in the office she’s spending time with her family enjoying our beautiful AZ lakes. Watson Lake in Prescott being her favorite because of the big bountiful rocks and it has great hiking as well. She loves hiking! Hiking is her passion!))

A little off-roading with friends and family and is part of a few AZ RZR (side by side) or off-roading groups that go riding in Sedona, Crown King, and Payson trails. I decided to join since it’s a great way to meet other people in the community that also enjoy riding.

Jelena Sullivan

Jelena is the one of our Arizona insurance agents in Ganyo Insurance Agency in Buckeye

Her family (Jelena and her husband) moved to Verrado (Buckeye area) in 2018 from Elk Grove, California to better their quality of life. Jelena is new to the Insurance industry and started work at the Ganyo Insurance Agency in March of 2019, immediately obtaining her P&C license (she passed her exam with the highest score!).

After work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two Shih Tzu babies: Puck & Suge. Puck is 10yrs old and Suge is 3yrs old. They were both rescues and bring so much life into the home with their personalities.

On the weekends, Jelena enjoys eating the famous wings with her husband at the Verrado Grille.  If it’s not too hot, she loves bike riding. Also, she loves movies or just lay at the poolside.